Géraldine Petit-Gras is an Ottawa-based ceramic artist. The French-born artist grew up watching explorer and conservationist Jacques Cousteau as he unraveled the mysteries of the sea. She spent most of her summers gathering shells on the beaches of La Rochelle and Biarritz, and sailing along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. She graduated from the diploma program of the Ottawa School of Art in 2009 where she developed a strong affinity for ceramics. She was awarded with their first artist residency in September 2014. She has shown her work in various juried exhibitions, including, at the Canadian Museum of Nature (Ottawa, ON), the Montebello Arts Centre (Montebello, QC) and the City of Ottawa-owned Atrium and Trinity galleries. Her award-winning artwork can be found in private collections in Canada, France and Australia. The delicate and serene qualities of her porcelain pieces evoke both the beauty and fragility of nature. Using a marine imagery, the birthplace of living organisms, she draws attention to sustainable development as the only way to ensure the survival of our species.